How to Hire a Virtual Assistant from India : Best 4 Steps

Virtual assistants are skilled office workers who can complete computer-based office tasks while working remotely. Virtual Assistant can manage administrative tasks from incoming mail to website updates and more. Business owners can hire a virtual assistant as full time through an outsourcing company for between $4-$30 an hour.


Below we have 4 steps to hire a virtual assistant from India


Your Job Requirements


The first and very important step when hiring a virtual assistant is to determine what it is you want them to do, includes not only the tasks but also the time-frame and the tools. For example, do you want your virtual assistant to manage MIS work for accounting or to serve as your go-to for setting up business travel? These tasks may require very different skills.


Therefore, just as you would do when hiring an employee, when you have a job description.


Search Virtual Assistant


Once you’ve determined the job work that you want a virtual assistant to manage for you, it’s time to start searching. There are many ways to find a qualified virtual assistant. One is to work with a company that either sources virtual employees for you or that offers virtual assistants to do your work for a fee. The way is hire virtual assistant from a company who provides virtual employees from India.



Interviews with Virtual Assistant Applicants


Conducting an interview, by phone or video conference, is difficult when hiring a virtual assistant who works remotely. The best way to conduct interviews is consider those candidates who already shortlisted by a virtual assistant provider company and then interview the top three to five shortlisted candidates before choosing the best fit.


Document Your Work Agreement


Regardless of whether you hire the person as a virtual employee or through a Virtual Assistant provider company, you’ll want to be clear on the work expectations. Remote employee’s provider companies have their own contract template. Otherwise, you’ll want to prepare an employment agreement covering the work, payment, and any non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements you want to be signed.