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Invedus Outsourcing is a remote employees outsourcing company. Hire dedicated virtual employees from India and save upto 80%.
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Best Programming Communities and Forums For Every Web Developer

If you are a developer or want to learn new skills, you should read this article. Know about some of the best active programming forums that can solve any problem and help you understand some top skills in programming. Click on the link to know more.




Top Benefits of Medical Outsourcing Services by Invedus

Medical Outsourcing got many advantages. Outsourcing medical services enable patients to get the best medical attention from specialized doctors and medical experts. Moreover, doctors and professionals supplying this service are appropriately trained and licensed. In other words, without genuine consent and authorization, physicians are not allowed to render medical outsourcing services. To learn more about the benefits, click on the link.


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Hire Offshore Microsoft Excel Expert & Save Upto 70%

Are you looking to hire Microsoft Excel Experts? Then you have come to the right place. The expert team of Invedus has so far helped numerous clients in resolving their Microsoft Excel expert requirements.


We provide you with Microsoft Excel services at a very reasonable price. At Invedus, we understand your needs and expectations at first. Then we come up with the best possible solution. We figure out the challenges for your business and then model them using MS Excel. Generally, we use Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Google Spreadsheet for development. Our qualified professionals have developed various custom business applications, automated reports in Google spreadsheet and MS excel.


We have profound expertise in building dashboards, insurance calculators, and financial models and creating intuitive charts for our clients. Our dedicated professionals also design Gantt charts for process tracking, automated payroll application, and inventory management application. Facilities that we offer our customers ar Invedus are:


  • Free trial Money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 support
  • No employee liabilities or long-term contact
  • Freedom to interview and choose your preferred MS Excel experts all by yourself


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US Phone No.: +1-888-346-8646

UK Phone No.: +44-208-051-2646


Hire Offshore Magento Developers & Save Upto 70%

Magneto empowers hundreds of businesses with fantastic eCommerce solutions. Choosing a seamless third-party integration is one of the most crucial steps to take your business to the next level in accomplishing Magento programming.


Our Magento developers are renowned for working extensively on our clients' projects and helping the brand create an online store that ensures usability, reliability, and business growth. The dedicated teams of skilled Magento coders comprise experts having sound knowledge of several programming languages such as MySQL, HTML, PHP Zend Framework, Core PHP, JQuery, CSS3, etc.


Our Magento developers have successfully provided 1000+ Magento-based eCommerce marketplace,eCommerce stores, and custom Magento-based solutions.


Reasons why our customer retention rate is constantly going up and up:


*We provide you with only the most efficient and highly qualified offshore Magento developers to give your brand the ultimate eCommerce solutions.

*The hiring process at Invedus is perfectly smooth.

*You are always the decision-maker while choosing your team members.

*Your dedicated Magento developers are experts, reliable, punctual, and wholly committed to the deadline.

*The top-notch Magento programmers at Invedus are fluent in English.

*You will avail of their services all around the clock.


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US Phone No.: +1-888-346-8646

UK Phone No.: +44-208-051-2646



Setting Up a Home Office for Remote Work by Invedus

A realistic guide to setting up a home office for remote work. Give it a read.


Staff Augmentation

What is Staff Augmentation? How It Can Bring Your Business To The Next Level?


Virtual Assistant Services India

Hiring an affordable virtual assistant from Invedus can help you manage your daily tasks, without giving office space, Internet connection, work counter or computer. Just a call or an e-mail to your virtual assistant in a remote location can get your work done. Reduce cost, increase productivity, and concentrate on core tasks with hire virtual assistant India. To know more about Invedus virtual assistant services, visit the website.


Virtual assistant by Invedus

Get a virtual assistant who works your hours and in your time zone. Invedus is a leading online personal assistant service provider offering personal virtual assistance for all domains. With no setup fees, no contract, college-educated, specialized for your industry can handle Back Office management, admin/assistant related Tasks. With Invedus you can get the best virtual assistant services. Know more about Invedus Visit the website or mail to get the quote for Hire Virtual Assistant India.

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Hire Virtual Assistant India From Invedus

Invedus is a leading online personal assistant service provider offering personal virtual assistance for all domains. With Invedus you can get the best virtual assistant services and with that you can get the personalized marketing, multichannel approach, acquire quality leads and optimized sales pipeline. Know more about Invedus Visit the website or mail to get the quote for Hire Virtual Assistant India


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real estate assistant Job description samples

Learn about the best real estate assistant Job description samples, that can help realtors or real estate agents in hiring real estate assistants according to their requirements and the type of job they want these individuals to hire for. Click on the link to read more.


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Hire Virtual Employees - Invedus

With Invedus intelligent outsourcing avail top-quality staffing services for IT or Non-IT domain, part or Full-Time support and services. Invedus provide end-to-end solutions with full-time, offshore employees. VE for software development, web & app developers, website designers, digital marketing experts, big data experts and others will serve any needs you have! Hire offshore employees from India will help you save 70% overall cost of Employment. Reach out to us to know more.

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Outsource Android developers

Outsource Android developers India with Invedus Outsourcing. Our Offshore android development team successfully developed over 500 Android mobile apps for different industries. Invedus Android developers also build intelligent and innovative AI-based mobile apps for businesses using Machine learning algorithms. Outsource your mobile app development work with Invedus, click on the link to know more .


Hire Virtual Employees Across All Domains - Invedus

Virtual Employees are the keys to successful business these days. Invedus offers such services at your desk with one click. We have some of the most experienced and professional virtual employees who are keen to work with clients and deliver cost-effective services. With such employees in hand, any business can see progress with each new venture. To know more visit us at

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How to Choose Best Data Entry Outsourcing Company

There has been a developing pattern of associations with offshore data entry India, after considering pertinent boundaries like expenses, adaptability, productivity, and accessibility. Further, outsourced data entry tasks aren’t restricted by any limits or size/sort of organizations. Specialization and cost advantage are the principal reasons why data entry work is outsourced across borders.


There are numerous organizations offering outsourced data entry administrations, you need to analyse every one of them based on certain boundaries. The following are the eight different ways to choose the best data entry outsourcing company:



8 Best reasons on How to Choose a Data Entry Outsourcing Company


  1. 1. Level of Changes:


Information needs of each firm may change as indicated by the kind of industry they have a place with and the size of the firm. Thus, it is fundamental that the partner in outsourcing has the option to give a specific degree of customization in their administrations. This boundary can be decided by investigating the demographic of the organization and checking the assortment of businesses and the size of firms that the organization serves.


  1. 2. Low Expenses:


One of the essential points of outsourcing is to reduce expenses. Not every firm can give savvy answers to your information needs. Subsequently, a potential specialist organization should be evaluated based on the cost to the organization. Further, as your business fills in the future, the administrations would require increasing quality. The speculative expenses of all such increases should likewise be remembered.


  1. 3. Quality of Staff working:


The nature of administration given by the BPO organization relies altogether upon the capability of the helpful staff and innovation utilized for activities. An organization having qualified and very much experienced staff has a higher likelihood to convey preferred help over another organization with unpracticed staff. Further, it is important to make note of the work and different advances utilized by the Data Entry Outsourcing Company. An organization utilizing out-of-date programming may offer support for a minimal price however the work additionally will undoubtedly be of lower quality.


  1. 4. High Data Security:


Security of information is required from the business point of view yet in addition from the lawful viewpoint. Henceforth, before shortlisting, one necessity to investigate the various arrangements and conventions embraced by the outsourced firm is to guarantee information security. Extra services, for example, regardless of whether the organization keeps an approach of consenting to non-exposure arrangements with workers, or whether it has CCTV cameras introduced around the workplace, may help in guaranteeing higher information security. A firm giving such information security should be evaluated higher.


  1. 5. Availablity:


Banding together with a firm that offers 24×7 Outsourcing Data Entry Services will bring about more limited turnaround times. Further, this forestalls the stacking of information as work gets similarly conveyed and the work process is smoothed out.


  1. 6. Good at Monitoring:


Aside from conveying administrations, it is similarly significant that the specialist organization has a component to monitor and screen these administrations. An organization that gives ongoing results to various problems helps in better monitoring.


  1. 7. Flexibility in the firm:


Each business today must be dynamic and versatile to changes and thus, outsourcing company should be exceptionally adaptable. Adaptability should not be restricted to the pace of the work process. It should envelop the kind of information and timing of activities. Further, the outsourced employee should uphold adaptability and take into account the development of your business. This requires the outsourced employee to have the foundation and abilities to limit building and development.


  1. 8. Handling Emergency:


Some of the time, specific information may get leaked and require need or critical preparation. A firm with virtual employees that has conventions for such crisis-related cycles should score over the one that doesn't have them.


Hiring a Data entry expert India is a difficult process but with the help of outsourcing company, it can be performed easily without any problem. Outsourced professionals in data entry have great knowledge in managing such short tasks and can help organization deal with other bigger responsibilities.


How Is Tax Preparation Outsourcing Beneficial for Your Business

Don’t want to miss tax filing deadlines? Opt for tax preparation outsourcing services! 


In this modern competitive world, more and more companies are opting for outsourcing tax return preparation services rather than hiring an in-house team of tax preparation experts as it reduces their operating costs significantly as well as free up their internal staffs.


Many of the SMEs and CPA firms in developed countries show their preference for outsourcing to India, as the cost of the Indian workforce is comparatively low as compared to other countries providing outsourcing services. Outsourcing to India can save around 50-60% of operating costs. This huge amount of money savings has a positive impact on business growth. Firms use these savings on other major operational activities such as marketing, R&D, production, etc.


External accounting firms use various tools and software to provide seamless taxation services to their clients. Therefore, when you outsource tax preparation services, you get access to the latest technologies and equipment, without having to spend on purchasing and maintaining them. Also, you will need not to pay any overheads.


Cost-cutting is the major reason companies choose to outsource their tax preparation work. According to a survey conducted by the US CPA Journal, an accountant is offered $ 39 per hour. But outsourcing can bring the cost up to 50%.


Besides cost savings, outsourcing allows companies to access professional services. One can hire tax consultant, who is professional, experienced, and up-to-date with all the latest tax and regulatory changes without going through the rigorous recruitment process. Typically, tax preparation specialists from outsourcing firms have a wide scope of knowledge and information compared to local tax experts because they have to constantly work for clients from different industries.


And if are in the US and you choose India for outsourcing, then you can have an additional benefit. Due to the time zone difference of about 12 hours of flip between India and the US, Indian outsourcing firms can offer quick turnaround time. It is a wonderful feeling when you wake up, you see that the tax return work you assigned yesterday evening is completed by the morning! Indian tax experts are usually flexible; They can work for you according to your office hours. This feature can prove to be extremely useful during the busy season. A large amount of work can be done easily by outsourcing. Quick turnaround helps to manage the process efficiently.


Tax preparation tasks are considered one of the most laborious and time-consuming. Therefore, as mentioned above, tax preparation outsourcing can help you free up your internal staff and can significantly increase their productivity. By outsourcing tax preparation services, you unburden your internal staff, who were previously given the responsibility of managing tax preparation work, which is not their major skill. Now, they don't need to do activities that are not their expertise and can better focus on the core operations of a business.


Many firms believe that tax return filing should only be done in-house, as they fear data breaches. But reputed outsourcing companies guarantee complete data privacy. They maintain data security as the main component. They take all possible measures to ensure the complete data security of their clients. Some of the data security measures are - they use FTP servers, sign NDAs with each of their employees, remove access to other sites on PCs and laptops, and more.


Therefore, if you choose to outsource your firm's tax preparation services, you are definitely going to reap the many benefits of outsourcing.


7 Topmost Reasons to Hire Virtual Employees from India

In this modern competitive world, the trend for hiring virtual employees among businesses is rising like anything. There is no doubt, virtual employees can make your life a lot easier. With VEs, you simply share your business requirements with them, and you have done your part. They will deliver your final product/service with high quality within TAT. You don’t need to worry about the task you assigned to your VE. You take off the burden from your hands completely once you hire a dedicated virtual employee. 


Why hire Virtual Employees from India


For small and medium-sized businesses where capital investment becomes a restriction because of a limited budget, hiring virtual employees from India can be a blessing to them. 




Let’s have a look at 7 topmost reasons to hire VEs from India: 


1. Cost-Effective: 

Indian virtual employee costs about three times less as compared to hiring employees locally. Indian VEs provide services that are par the quality of your local employees but at an affordable cost. 

When you hire VEs, you don’t have to pay any additional costs like health care, taxes, and office equipment as you do for your regular on-site employees.

Plus, you are not responsible for training your virtual employees means you don’t need to spend on training cost either. 


2. Skilled Experts:

In India, you can easily find dedicated virtual employees specialized in various fields like Web Development, Web Designing, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Accounting & Finance, etc. 

The hiring process is very simple. You approach a reliable outsourcing company and share your business requirements, they send CVs of prospects accordingly; then you interview them and select the VE who suits your business needs.


3. Proficient English Speaker:

Indian virtual employees are preferred among VEs of other countries because of their better English speaking skills. India is the second-largest English-speaking nation in the world, more than the United States and Britain combined.


4. High Productivity:

When you outsource the non-core functions of your business to virtual employees in India, you allow your in-house staff to focus better on tasks that demand more of their time and energy. In this way, you improve the productivity of your in-house employees and increase the efficiency of your business.


5. Quality Services:

When you hire virtual employees from India through an outsourcing company, that has expertise over the service you require, you assure you to get high-quality work. These companies use the latest software and technologies to improve the productivity of their employees.


6. Competitive Advantage:

Indian virtual employees aspire to keep themselves updated with the latest tools and technologies to maintain pace with this modern competitive world. 

When you hire virtual employees through an outsourcing company, you get access to highly skilled and experienced virtual employees. They have experience working in different industries and platforms.


7. Time-Zone Advantage:

Your Indian Virtual Employees can add additional value to your company. By hiring them, you can assure them to run your business 24/7 and serve your customers round the clock. 

Plus, they can submit the final task before the scheduled time.